Davan Odum

Hi there, I'm Davan Odum. I'm Lukas' mother.
Face CLaim: Ali Landry


((This is an OC RP for TWD. I have no affiliation with TWD whatsoever. I will RP with anyone.))





She tried to walk as silently as she could behind the boys, she listened to everything that was around her. She was concentrating on the sounds when Daryl spoke up breaking her concentration “I would say that we’ve definitely had a successful day.” She smiled. She could think of quite a few things that she could count toward that. “Let me know if you boys hear anything that I don’t..” she trailed off, she hated to say it but she’d rather be safe than sorry. She knew that Daryl would tell her anyway, she smirked and rolled her eyes a bit. 

Lukas chimed in “I would sure say so! Momma got a boyfriend, and then she went all Ninja like on that walker, and then I almost killed the deer, and then you taught me how to gut em!” He had a short giggle, but decided to stop because it was taking up too much breath. “What’re we gonna make when we get back? How many people is this gonna feed?” he asked.

Daryl blushed deeply and chuckled. “Yeah, it’s been a real good day…” He let his mind wander to what Davan was saying earlier about a nice swim. “And Lukas, I bed Carl will wanna pick up that game a’ Cowboys vs Indians ya had goin’, huh?” He smiled and looked over his shoulder at their good sized kill. “This should be just ‘bout ‘nuff ta feed everybody at camp twice.” He nodded in approval and gave Lukas a big smile.

Davan felt her face flush a deep red and let out a nervous giggle when Lukas called Daryl her boyfriend, she was hoping to spot his reaction to it but she either missed it or wasn’t seeing it. She bit her lip nervously, they hadn’t really discussed what they were. She sighed, looking up at Daryl “Yeah sweetie, dontcha need to get out of the trap Carl put you in.” she giggled, flipping around her knives absent mindedly, she hadn’t heard anything just yet in the woods. But she was ready for it if something did come stumbling out.

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